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Geology, a Cirque birth

Around 300,000 years ago, the Cirque de Cilaos shaped by collapse effects around the Piton des Neiges, the highest point on the island (3,071 m). Erosion also contributed to the steep relief of this exceptional site. Cilaos was not a crater, although it is the only one of the three circuses to have a circular shape. It is the southernmost and driest of the island’s cirques.

Cilaos is the youngest town on the island, created in 1965 by the Prefect of Reunion, Alfred Diefenbacher, today there are around 7,000 inhabitants. It is the starting point for 80 km of hiking and superb mountain activities, such as canyoning or mountain biking. climbing.

Authentic flavors : the Cilaos lentil

Cilaos lentils constitute a considerable agricultural and tourist asset. The stony volcanic lands on the steep slopes of Ilet à Cordes provide it with remarkable nutritional qualities. The production of the “queen of grains”, the best accompaniment to the traditional quarry, is around 70 tonnes per year. This blond to light brown lentil, endemic to the circus, is smaller and thinner than the one of Puy or Madagascar.


Authentic flavors : Cilaos Wine

Cilaos wine, which has long been said to drive people crazy, is produced on around twenty hectares of vines grown on trellises made from Malbec, Chenin and Pinot grape varieties. The wines selected by the cellar are red, rosé and white and have benefited since 2004 from the “Vin de pays de Cilaos” appellation, a guarantee of their quality. The vineyards of Cilaos have the particularity of being the highest in France with an altitude varying from 600 to 1300 m and being harvested the first of the year, in January and February. Pruning takes place during the southern winter, the humidity and sunshine of the southern summer lead the bunches to maturity. Another particularity, each plot is vinified separately in order to preserve the flavor of each “micro-terroir” of the circus. Another famous and popular drink, Cilaos sparkling water is drawn from the Véronique spring. It is the only natural sparkling mineral water on the island, drawn from 13 m deep.

Cilaos embroidery

A land of craftsmanship: the “day of Cilaos” The emergence of embroidery and its teaching are due to Angèle Mac Auliffe, daughter of Doctor Jean-Marie Mac Auliffe who ensured the development of the thermal baths. She introduced the art of embroidery to village women around her before dying at the age of 26 from measles. The famous “day of Cilaos”, name which characterizes these embroideries, is famous until England for having decorated the royal table. The Association for the Promotion of Cilaos Lace promotes it and trains new generations to perpetuate this unique original art. Since 1984, 60 to 70 embroiderers have perpetuated the tradition at the “Maison de la embroidery”.

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